Home Energy Audits

Home energy audits (sometimes called home energy assessments) help homeowners understand their residential energy consumption. Energy assessments typically provide a report on your home’s energy use and help determine the most cost-effective home improvements. They may also provide results on radon, carbon monoxide, and natural gas leak testing to help keep your home safe. The U.S. Department of Energy offers a great explainer on the different types of energy audits and their advantages.
Xcel Energy and Efficiency Works (which serves Longmont Power and Communications customers) provide incentives to get started. Check out the programs affiliated with your utility below to get started. 

Xcel Energy’s Home Energy Squad program sends an expert right to your home. For $150 (sometimes on sale for $100), you’ll receive an energy audit, several safety checks, and efficiency upgrades like LED lightbulbs, weather-stripping, aerators, smart thermostats, and more. Work and materials are included in the cost of your visit.

To qualify for a Home Energy Squad visit:

  • You must be a residential customer of Xcel Energy in Colorado.
  • Your home must have its own electric and/or gas utility account, and must be a detached single-family home or part of a building with four or fewer units.
  • Installs offered depend on your home and the energy services you receive from Xcel Energy. For example, gas-only customers cannot receive LED bulbs, and electric-only customers with gas-heated hot water cannot receive a showerhead.

To qualify for a free smart thermostat:

  • You must be an Xcel Energy electricity customer
  • You must have central Air Conditioning
  • You must enroll in Xcel Energy’s AC Rewards program

Customers can also purchase a smart thermostat from Xcel Energy’s online store that the Squad can install, dependent on existing wiring. Thermostat must be in original, unopened packaging for installation. Even if the above is met, installation is never guaranteed due to specific wiring situations.

Renters are eligible to participate in Home Energy Squad®. Prior approval from the property owner/landlord is required.
Other restrictions may apply. Please call Xcel at 303-446-7910, option 2 with any questions.

The Home Energy Squad visit typically takes about 3 hours and is conducted at a time convenient for you. The visit will include:

  • Visual inspection and installation of relevant efficiency upgrades
  • Inspection of home exterior, insulation, and mechanical systems
  • Air leak analysis with a Blower-Door diagnostic test
  • Combustion safety test
  • Carbon monoxide check
  • Infrared imaging and analysis
  • Full summary report with findings and recommendations
  • Free advising service for upgrades and rebates

Please visit Xcel’s Home Energy Squad website or call Xcel at303-446-7910, option 2 with any questions.

Efficiency Works Homes offers home assessments and free energy advising to residential customers, including identifying inefficiencies in your home, explaining benefits and upgrades, and helping plan or review projects.

Must be a Longmont Power and Communications customer.

Homeowners are required to have an in-person efficiency assessment to be eligible for rebates on window, insulation, or air-sealing projects.

Projects must be completed by an Efficiency Works service provider to be eligible for rebates. A list of providers can be found here.

Efficiency Works will work with you to confirm whether you qualify.

Energy Assessments allow customers to learn more about their home’s energy efficiency through visual inspections, measurements, and diagnostic testing performed by an energy advisor. Your advisor delivers a customized detailed report of the findings and will review the report with you and answer any questions you may have. Your advisor can also help connect you to one of our service providers when choosing to move forward with a project.

  • Cost: $0-$60
  • Time: 1-4 hours

Questions? Contact EfficiencyWorks at 877-981-1888 or learn more on the EfficiencyWorks website.

Not in Xcel or Efficiency Works territory?

Regardless of your utility provider, home energy audits/assessments are the most powerful tool for understanding your home and getting started on health and energy use improvements. While United Power, Poudre Valley REA, and Lyons municipal utilities do not offer rebates at this time, many private contractors will happily work with you to select and complete an energy assessment package that makes the most sense for your home and family.