Contractors in Boulder County

Finding a contractor can be challenging, and EnergySmart is here to help! Below, find lists of contractors who work in Boulder County, broken down by category of work. The listed contractors have demonstrated interest in helping residents complete energy-efficient projects and apply for funding from utility rebate programs and EnergySmart incentives. Each contractor has completed at least one project with EnergySmart.

Residents may work with any vendor or contractor and are not limited to these lists. However, please note that some utility rebates have contractor requirements and EnergySmart does align with the utility’s contractor requirements to access our rebates. For example, if Xcel is the rebate-providing utility, the contractor will need to be registered on the appropriate Xcel Energy trade partner list for some projects. If the City of Longmont is the utility, the contractor needs to be registered as an Efficiency Works Service Provider for most projects. The lists provided by EnergySmart offer columns to show which contractors are registered in the appropriate lists.

*EnergySmart does not advocate for or promote specific contractors and makes no representations or warranties regarding the quality of service or proof of insurance for any contractors on the list.

All-in on Electric

If you are interested in working with contractors that specialize in electric heat pump and heat pump hot water heater installation, and who don’t install natural gas equipment, check out this list below:

Electrification-Focused Contractors

In addition to the lists above, you may also want to visit the contractor lists from Xcel EnergyEfficiency Works, and Love Electric.

EnergySage Online Marketplace

EnergySage is an online platform that connects you with vetted local contractors and installers–a great option if you don’t know where to start looking. Their Solar and Heat Pump  Marketplaces allow you to shop with confidence, get the right solutions for you, your home, and your budget. When you sign up, you can expect to:

  • Easily get quotes from multiple prescreened contractors
  • Access 20% lower prices (or more) compared to going it alone
  • Receive objective, transparent advice with no pushy sales tactics

Visit the EnergySage website here.

EnergySage is now offering a $200 rebate to Boulder County customers that go solar through their services. To learn more, sign up, and qualify for the rebate visit this link (you’ll need this specific page in order to quality).

Contractor and Equipment Selection FAQ

We are required to remain unbiased regarding contractor selection. We do offer insulation, HVAC, Electrification-only, and Solar contractor lists for reference at the top of this page.

Due to the various aspects that go into selecting the appropriate system for a home, we recommend consulting with a few contractors to see what equipment is best for your home. Many contractors have preferred vendors they use when selecting equipment.

There are lots of manufacturers and brands that offer excellent, efficient equipment.

We recommend consulting with your contractor regarding the brands they work with and suggest, as many contractors have preferred vendors.