Walking, biking, busing, or using a carshare service are the most sustainable transportation options for getting around. You can learn more about these sustainable transportation options across Boulder County here.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are more popular and affordable than ever! EVs are a great, low-emissions alternative to gas- or diesel-powered cars. Because they don’t burn fossil fuels or pump out pollution, EVs are better for the planet and for public health. Scroll down to learn more about commonly asked EV questions, or check out Drive Electric Colorado for information on rebates, EV events, and more.

Charging at home

Using a Three Prong Outlet

Electric cars can be charged using a regular 3-prong outlet at home! If you plug them in when you’re home for the evening and let them charge, your car will be ready to go in the morning.  

80% of Coloradans drive less than 30 miles per day. If that’s you, charging overnight with a regular outlet will meet your daily driving needs.  

Installing an EV charger at home

If you drive more than 30 miles most days, you may want to consider installing a more powerful electric car charger at home. These are called “Level 2” chargers. Common chargers include: Juicebox 48, ChargePoint Home Flex, and ClipperCreek LCS-30P.  

You’ll need to hire an electrician to install the charger. You should get 2-3 quotes from local electricians. Click here to find qualified electricians near you. 

Charging on the go

Colorado’s public charging network is growing fast. You can often find a place to plug in and charge your car at locations you are already visiting, like a public parking garage or grocery store.  

You can find public chargers using many resources, including Google Maps or PlugShare. Try typing in your zip code to see what pops up.  

To start charging, simply pay using an app or a credit card, plug the charger into your car, and you’re free to go!  

Matching your lifestyle

Most new electric cars can run over 200 miles on a single charge, meaning you can run errands, commute to work or school, or drive to your favorite trailhead for a hike. And here’s another bonus: since you can plug in and charge at home, there’s no need for an additional trip to the gas station.  

Whether you’re considering switching to an EV for cleaner air, a quieter and more exciting driving experience, or simply because of all the new financial incentives, you can check out this resource from PlugStar to find the electric car that’s right for you.  

Matching your budget

There are several types of financial incentives for purchasing an EV, including tax incentives and car trade-in programs. Colorado Public Radio (CPR) recently released an article summarizing the programs available to Coloradans, which depend on things like income, type of car purchased, and more. PlugStar also have a tool to help you navigate available tax credits.Incentives are available for both new and used cars! 

Saving money with EVs doesn’t stop once you’ve made the purchase. Electricity is cheaper than gas for each mile driven, and you’ll never have to pay for or schedule an oil change again! 

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