Energy Efficiency

Whether you want to electrify your appliances, install solar, or make other home upgrades, your first step should always be to assess and improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Without good sealing or insulation, your home will lose heated or cooled air, and you won’t see as many benefits or cost savings from other big-ticket upgrades if those aren’t addressed first.

If you don’t prioritize energy efficiency first, you may end up spending more than you need to on other upgrades, for a few reasons:

  1. A home that has been air sealed and insulated can often use a smaller (and therefore more affordable) heat pump to achieve the same results
  2. Residents that have minimized their electricity usage from appliances, lighting, and equipment can power their home with a smaller (and therefore more affordable) solar array and battery

Below, we have outlined three steps to successfully improving your home’s energy efficiency. Beginning with a home energy audit will help you really understand your home, and you can work directly with your auditor to see where it makes the most sense to begin with upgrades.

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