Go Efficient. Go Electric.
Get there with EnergySmart.

Welcome to EnergySmart: your guide to healthier, safer, and more energy-efficient homes in Boulder County.

We’re here to help you feel safe and comfortable in your home, while also building resilience and adapting to Colorado’s changing climate.

Step 1: Energy Efficiency

It all starts with your home’s energy efficiency. Making sure that you aren’t wasting money on heat that leaks out or on appliances that use excess energy will make every other upgrade that much more impactful (and affordable).

Step 2: Electrification

Once you are comfortable with the efficiency of your home, the next step is replacing fossil fuel appliances with electric ones. All-electric appliances support healthier and safer indoor air quality, increased resistance to wildfire and smoke damage, fewer maintenance concerns, reduced energy costs, and decreased greenhouse gas pollution.

Step 3: Transportation

Switching to an electric vehicle (EV) or adding at-home charging can be done at any time! Waiting until your home is all-electric can help you make better decisions on equipment installs and more.

Step 4: Solar

Installing solar panels can be done at any time, but it’s better to wait until your home is sealed up and electrified so that you can better understand your electricity usage, and make more informed equipment decisions.

Jumping in.

Lists of rebates, contractors, and more to help make those first steps and investments a little less intimidating.

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Get your Personalized Guide

Our partner, Canopy, is your FREE online coach for upgrading your home. Answer just a few questions to get a personalized step-by-step guide for upgrading your home, including cost estimates, rebate information, and more.

Find Rebates

EnergySmart, the State of Colorado, and utility providers have rebates, discounts, and incentives that help you save money on home energy upgrades that don’t rely on burning fossil-fuels.

Find a Contractor

EnergySmart’s list of contractors can help you find the right team for your project. These contractors are excited to work on energy efficiency and electrification projects, and have completed EnergySmart projects in the past.

Why Electrify?

When we burn fossil fuels like oil, coal, and gas, it creates pollution that heats up the planet and creates the climate crisis. This means more and worse floods, wildfires, droughts, and heatwaves.

To stop the climate crisis from getting worse, we need to stop burning fossil fuels. Our utilities are transitioning our electric grid from energy sources that burn fossil fuels to sources that create electricity through renewable sources.

However, many everyday activities like heating our homes, driving our cars, and even mowing our lawns still use fossil fuels regardless of whether or not our electricity grid is powered with clean energy . EnergySmart will help you make the switch to electric so you can stop burning fossil fuels in your home and plug into our increasingly greener grid.