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Contractors in Boulder County

EnergySmart offers an HVAC Contractor List, Insulation Contractor List, and Solar Contractor List as resources for residents. We also offer an Electrification Only Contractor List for those interested in working with contractors that specialize in installing electric heat pumps and heat pump hot water heaters, and don’t install natural gas equipment.

EnergySmart does not advocate for or promote specific contractors and makes no representations or warranties regarding the quality of service or proof of insurance for any contractors on the list. These contractors have demonstrated interest in helping residents complete energy-efficient projects and apply for funding from utility rebate programs and EnergySmart incentives. Each contractor has completed at least one project under the EnergySmart program.

Residents may work with any vendor or contractor and are not limited to those on these lists, however to be eligible for EnergySmart rebates, equipment must meet minimum efficiency requirements and funds must be reserved prior to purchase/installation. Boulder County makes no representations or warranties regarding accuracy of information, quality of service, or proof of insurance for any contractor on this list.

In addition to the lists above, you can also check out contractor lists from: Xcel EnergyEfficiency Works, and Love Electric.

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