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Assisting Boulder County residents, at no cost, in energy efficiency and renewable energy residential improvements

Home Energy Assessment

Home energy assessments help homeowners understand their residential energy consumption by analyzing energy flow. Energy assessments typically provide a report on your home’s energy use and help determine the most cost-effective home improvements. They may also provide results on radon, carbon monoxide, and natural gas leak testing to help keep your home safe. If you are interested in learning more or scheduling your own home energy assessment you may want to check out Xcel Energy and Efficiency Works.

XCEL Home Energy Audit

The quickest, most simple way to assess your home’s energy efficiency and set you on the path to lower energy bills and a more comfortable, more efficient home. Get started on the path to savings and upgrading your home’s comfort with a Home Energy Audit. Your audit must be completed by a participating contractor.


More About Home Energy Audit

Learn how efficiency adds up to savings with the Home Energy Audit.

Standard Home Energy Audit

Receive up to a $100 rebate for a comprehensive whole house inspection:

  • Thorough inspection of your home’s exterior, including windows and doors
  • Insulation assessment
  • Examination of the age, efficiency and general condition of your mechanical systems
  • Carbon monoxide test
  • Basic analysis of your utility bills

Standard Home Energy Audit with Blower Door

Earn up to a $160 rebate for everything in the Standard Audit, plus:

  • A blower door test to determine how much air leaks out of your home, each hour
  • Combustion Alliance Zone safety testing (if atmospherically vented appliances are present)

Home Energy Audit with Infrared

Earn up to a $200 rebate for everything with the Blower Door Audit, plus:

  • An infrared camera to view behind drywall and find air leaks
  • Thermal images of walls and ceilings
  • View temperature differences to examine insulation coverage and effectiveness
  • Tailored solutions to address air leaks, ice dams and reduce the amount of wasted energy in your home

To qualify for Home Energy Audit rebates:

  • You must receive residential electric and/or natural gas service from XCEL Energy in Colorado.
  • The Home Energy Audit program is designed for residential customers living in single-family dwellings no larger than a four-plex.
  • Colorado Xcel Energy customers are eligible for a Home Energy Audit rebate every two years.
  • You must use a registered audit contractor from the Xcel Energy Home Energy Audit preferred contractor list.

Standard Audit or Standard Audit With Blower Door Eligibility

You must receive residential electric and/or natural gas service from XCEL Energy to qualify for the Standard Audit or the Standard Audit with Blower Door.

Infrared Home Energy Audit Eligibility

To qualify for the Infrared Audit, you must receive residential natural gas service from us XCEL Energy in Colorado. Residential electric service customers who have electric space heating in their homes are also eligible.

Select Your Visit Type

To get started, find a registered Xcel Energy participating contractor for your Home Energy Audit visit. Rebates are only available if you use a registered contractor.

The Standard Audit typically takes two hours and is conducted at a time convenient for you. The Standard Audit with Blower Door and Infrared Audit requires the auditor to spend a little more time at your home which can exceed two hours.

Home Energy Audit Payment and Rebate Process

Customers must complete a Home Energy Audit, pay for the service, and receive their audit report prior to submitting a rebate application.

You must pay the auditor the total audit cost up front, and XCEL Energy will pay you a rebate valued at 60% of the audit price, up to $200.

Let XCEL Energy help you move from audit to action with their free Energy Advisor Service. XCEL’s expert Energy Advisors at CLEAResult provide unbiased advice and guidance on the next steps toward making your home more comfortable and less costly to maintain. They help with applicable rebates, incentives, contractors, and best practices so you know you’re making smart decisions that are right for your home.

If you’ve completed a Home Energy Audit recently, you may receive a call or email from an Energy Advisor to review your audit.

Energy Advisors can:

  • Provide unbiased advice and impartial guidance about energy upgrades
  • Review your Home Energy Audit with you or help you schedule one
  • Help identify and prioritize the next steps for your home energy improvements
  • Assist with contractor bidding and selecting a contractor for energy upgrades
  • Connect you with applicable rebates, financing, and incentives and help you with the paperwork
  • Connect you with our additional programs, such as Saver’s Switch, financing options that may be available to you, and others.
  • Call 303.446.7910 to speak with an Energy Advisor, or email

Home Energy Audit Rebate Details

Home Energy Audit Brochure

Energy Advisors Program Information

Information Sheet

If you’ve completed a Home Energy Audit recently, you may receive a call or email from an Energy Advisor to review your audit.

Contractor Requirements

You must use a participating contractor in order to qualify for this rebate. Ask your contractor for the rebate application.

High-efficiency solutions for your home are only as “highly efficient” as the Quality Installation techniques used by your contractor. There is no state-wide licensing program in Colorado for residential contractors, so national certification programs have been selected to ensure contractors have the necessary technical knowledge and expertise. Once they meet the program requirements, they are added to the participating contractor list and are given access to the rebate application.

Have additional questions on the Home Energy Audit process? Call XCEL Energy at 800-895-4999.

Efficiency Works Home Energy Assessment 

There are many benefits to completing an efficiency assessment at your home. Efficency Works energy advisors can help identify inefficiencies in your home, explain benefits that result from efficiency upgrades, help review project bids and plan future projects. Projects must be completed by an Efficiency Works service provider to be eligible for rebates. A list of providers can be found here.

Homeowners are required to have an in-person efficiency assessment to be eligible for rebates on window, insulation, or air-sealing projects.

Advising and Assessments 

Learn how efficiency adds up to savings with the Home Energy Audit that works for you.

Efficiency Works Homes offers free energy advising to residential customers. You can talk about assessment options, opportunities, and benefits that efficiency upgrades can provide to your home, review project bids or discuss ways to plan future projects after receiving an assessment. Schedule a consultation with an energy advisor.

Assessments allow customers to learn more about their home’s energy efficiency through visual inspections, measurements, and diagnostic testing performed by an energy advisor. Your advisor delivers a customized detailed report of the findings and will review the report with you and answer any questions you may have. Your advisor can also help connect you to one of our service providers when choosing to move forward with a project.

  • Cost: $0-$60
  • Time: 1-4 hours

Questions? Contact EfficiencyWorks at 877-981-1888