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EnergySmart Rebates and Financing

Access your EnergySmart rebates and add to them with additional local incentives to make your projects more affordable!

EnergySmart Rebates

Find out which rebates you are eligible for in three easy steps:

  1. Are you a resident of Boulder County? All Boulder County residents qualify for EnergySmart program rebates.
  2. Are you enrolled in EnergySmart? To access rebates you must be enrolled in EnergySmart before making an upgrade. Enroll today!
  3. Do you live in City of Boulder and/or are a customer of Xcel Energy or Longmont Power? These entities have partnered with EnergySmart to add their own rebates that can be added on top of the regular EnergySmart program rebates. Check the right-hand column to see if your city, town and/or utility has additional rebates that can be used.

Rebates are available on a first come, first served basis so call today!

  • Important: You must enroll with EnergySmart BEFORE starting any home energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Multi-Family Units of 5 or more unites are not eligible for these specific rebates.

Rebate Resources

EnergySmart Advisors are available to help you complete and submit your application for all eligible rebates and will know about any-and-all rebates available for your specific upgrade. Call us today at 303.544.1000 or email us at​

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